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Infrared reflectography is a non- invasive and non- destructive technique that can ‘expose’ underdrawings or pentimenti on easel paintings. Infrared reflectography system comprised of: IR reflectography camera, 12 mm objective f 1.3, screw-on filter 400-720 nm (visibile), screw-on filter 720-1100 nm (infrared), b/w 9" monitor, metal case (30x30x30 cm)

Infrared cameras are an invaluable tool for fast and precise analysis of various aspects linked with building conservation and restoration such as: the identification of heat sources that menace the stability of internal microclimates; water infiltrations and structural analysis. Internal recording of images allows precise documentation of cases studied before and after intervention. allows you to highlight differences in the structures of materials of the buildings, when plaster hiding interventions padding, or renovation.



Portable luxmeters with photometric, radiometric, PAR (photosynthetically active radiation), UVA, UVB, UVC etc. probes.



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